Why Use A Specialist Broker?

As a specialist credit insurance broker we have the knowledge and experience to negotiate the best combination of cost and cover for your business. We have access to the entire credit insurance market, which we will review thoroughly for you before making a recommendation on what best suits your business. The market offers a sophisticated portfolio of subtly different products which are constantly being added to and updated. It is our job to understand and keep pace with all such developments so that our clients are made full aware of all the options available and the benefits each policy offers.


Why Use Us?

Offers Impartiality

A Specialist Broker is not biased towards or against any insurance provider and will always recommend the best available option to their client.

Access To All The Markets

A Specialist Broker will take the time to understand your credit risk and identify the most appropriate solution at the most cost effective price from the 13 different credit insurers operating in the marketplace.

Claims Service

A Specialist Broker will guide you through the claims process and effectively manage the claim on your behalf. You will have full access to claims advice and expertise.

Credit Limits Benchmarking

A Specialist Broker will benchmark your credit insurer’s buyer credit limit performance against other insurers, and will always work to maximise your level of cover and minimise your exposure.

Significant Policy Structure Expertise

A Specialist Broker will advise on the optimum policy structure most suitable to mitigating your credit risk profile and achieving premium expectation.

Performance Benchmarking

A Specialist Broker will continuously monitor each insurer’s risk appetite, service offering and premium levels, ensuring that you make an informed procurement decision at each renewal

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