Types of Policy

The market offers a sophisticated portfolio of subtly different products which are constantly being added to and updated. As a specialist broker It is our job to understand and keep pace with all such developments so that our clients are made fully aware of all the options available and the benefits each policy offers. Below is a summary of the main policy types available in the market and with our experience and expertise we will be able to advise and recommend which policy type is best suited to your requirements.


Types of Policy

Whole Turnover Credit Insurance Policy

This type of Credit insurance policy is designed to cover your entire turnover against insolvency and default.

Single Risk Credit Insurance Policy

Unlike a Whole Turnover policy, which provides cover on your entire turnover, a Single Risk policy will cover exposure to one particular buyer and due to the concentration of risk the policy is priced accordingly.

Key Account Credit Insurance Policy

This type of Credit Insurance policy covers a selection of your key buyers, normally between 5 and 20.

Tailored Policies for SMEs

Simple and straightforward matrix priced policies, covering insolvency and protracted default, with very attractive benefits for small to medium sized enterprises with a turnover of up to £/€5m

Non-Cancellable Limit Policies

Some policy options are available with non-cancellable credit limits.

Long Term Contract Policies

Some policy options are available to cover longer term contracts up to 3 years

UK Export Finance

UK Export Finance (UKEF) is a UK government department whose primary purpose is to grow UK exports. UKEF’s Credit Insurance complements the private market by providing cover on buyers in markets the private market are unable to.

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